Traumatic Situations Call for Emergency Restoration Services

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All cleanup situations, including storm damage, fire damage, water damage, and other tragedies have one thing in common – they can be traumatic for those involved. When the situation involves a more personal tragedy, such as cleanup after a crime scene, you need a company that deals with the unique issues involved. Not all emergency restoration services are equipped to handle biohazard cleanup, but here is what those that are can do for you.

handle biohazard cleanup

  • Avoid the Emotional Aspect– Trying to perform trauma cleanup on your own isn’t a good idea. It is better to put it into the hands of professionals that are not part of what happened at the scene. Being able to return to your home, apartment, or business when it has been thoroughly cleaned will enable you to feel normal again sooner than if you had the memory of the cleanup to contend with.
  • Avoid Spreading of Pathogens– It is important to handle the cleanup of bloodborne pathogens in a safe manner to avoid causing them to become airborne and spread throughout the property. Professionals that provide trauma emergency restoration services know how to neutralize and remove the pathogens, so it is safe to return to the property.
  • Remove Contaminated Materials– Some surfaces can be safely and effectively cleaned, but others must be removed properly and replaced. A professional has the experience to know the difference where you might keep something you shouldn’t or toss out something you didn’t need to.

Here at Restoration 1 of Charleston, we understand the emotional component of dealing with a trauma situation. Our team will handle your cleanup in an effective, safe manner while treating you with respect and compassion during this difficult time.