Preparing Your Home for Storms and Wind Damage

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prepare for storms and potential wind damageStorms and wind damage often come and go, but when they come more often then they seem to go, you need to be properly prepared in case of emergency. High winds can cause serious wind damage problems for homeowners in your area, and we here at Restoration 1 of Charleston want to make sure that we can prevent as many issues as possible when it comes to wind damage. If you live in an area where high force winds are common, then you might want to consider preparing your home for storms and wind damage.

Whenever possible, stay ahead of storms and severe winds. Often this step will come in the form of a wind advisory warning or by watching the weather channel. When these come, do whatever you can to batten down the hatches and get your home ready for winds. This means cleaning up your yard and locking away things like bikes, tools, garbage cans or other yard items away in a garage or shed. Check your trees for dead or dying branches that could potentially blow loose and into your home. You might even want to take care to board your windows if very high winds are expected.

Another thing you’ll want to do to prepare for storms and potential wind damage is to keep your roof and garage door in mind. These two areas are often some of the most vulnerable areas during times of high wind speeds, and keeping them maintained and reinforced can help ensure they are protected during times when wind damage is a real possibility.

These are just some of the tips we recommend to take care of your property before a storm. For a more comprehensive list of tips, please contact us here at Restoration 1 of Charleston today.