Mold Removal: It’s More Complex than You Think

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Mold is more common than most people realize. It doesn’t take much to start mold growth — all you need is a little bit of warmth, some moisture or a water source, and a nice dark spot! There are literally thousands of different types of mold species, and while many of them are harmless, there are also several that can cause serious health problems.

we want to help you with the mold removal process

While many of those affected by mold are those with compromised immunities, children, the elderly or those with breathing problems, mold can also affect even the healthiest amongst us! If you have recently discovered mold somewhere in your home or commercial property or you have recently developed symptoms that could be attributed to mold growth, we here at Restoration 1 of Charleston want to help you with the mold removal process.

Mold removal is often more complex than people realize. The removal of the mold itself is fairly straightforward, but it takes an expert eye to know the species and the best way to kill the mold. The steps surrounding the mold removal process are often what makes the difference between your mold growth being taken care of versus it returning a few weeks later.

At Restoration 1 of Charleston, we make sure that we know the source of the moisture that the mold is gleaning from, and then we will ensure that area is repaired and dried. We also take special steps and precautions to ensure that we do not track any mold spores from one area of your property to another, which is a common rookie mistake.

To learn more about mold removal or to have us look at mold growth in your property, contact us today at Restoration 1 of Charleston.