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Do you have basement mold? Let us take care of it!

Finding mold in your basement is never pleasant. Whether you use your basement for storage or as another living space, many basements are prone to developing mold. Because a basement is under the ground, where it is dark, sometimes damp, and often warm, it creates the ideal growing environment for basement mold. Here in the area of Charleston, South Carolina, our team here at Restoration 1 of Charleston wants to help you with your restoration needs, including those that need to happen due to the presence of basement mold.

Basement Mold in Charleston, South Carolina

Because basement mold is fairly common in Charleston and other warm, humid areas, we have our basement mold remediation process down to a science here at Restoration 1 of Charleston. We know where common places are for basement mold to hide and even what to do when we find basement mold. We understand that many people are afraid of even the word “mold”, which is why we can start you off with a free consultation.

Here at Restoration 1 of Charleston, we have the experience that you are looking for when it comes to issues such as basement mold in your property. Whether it is basement mold that has you worried or a flooded basement that you worry will turn into basement mold, we are here to help you. With over 20 years of experience, when we come to take care of your basement mold, you will be able to breathe easy once again.