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Do you have attic mold? Let us take a look!

Mold likes to hide in areas that are dark, damp and warm. Is it any wonder, then, that finding mold in the attic is not an uncommon occurrence in the area of Charleston, South Carolina? If you have found attic mold or if you suspect that you might have attic mold, we want to help you with the attic mold remediation process here at Restoration 1 of Charleston.

Attic Mold in Charleston, South Carolina

Having mold in either the attic or basement is not uncommon. Because of the relatively high humidity that we have in the Charleston area, we see a lot of basement and attic mold in homes in the area, especially in ones that lack adequate ventilation for air circulation. When it comes time to treating attic mold, our team here at Restoration 1 of Charleston needs to search through your attic to find all the areas that are affected by attic mold. We then need to go through the remediation process in order to ensure that the attic mold in your home or business property isn’t going to effect you later on health-wise.

After we have taken care of the remediation process of your mold, we will help ensure that the issues don’t happen again. This can involve anything from installing a dehumidifier to ensuring that your attic ventilation is clean and clear. No mater what we need to do to help you with your attic mold issues, we want to help get the job done. Contact us at Restoration 1 of Charleston today with any questions you may have about attic mold and the remediation process.